EV3 Q3 2018

Many years ago I had a tour of the Morgan Factory in Malvern and test drove one of their iconic cars.   So I’ve always been interested in what they are up to.  Two years ago they announced the EV3 model – their first all electric vehicle.  They promise that it will perform just like a conventional vehicle, with a range of 120 miles before it needs recharging.  Earlier this year they announced it is going into production later this year.  Here’s a link that tells you more, and a video that shows you what it will look like…

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Operations Management 2nd edition update

The second edition of Operations Management has now been sent out for final review by OUP.  Based on user feedback, the new edition has incorporated the following improvements:

  1. Fewer chapters (from 17 down to 14) in order to ‘fit’ within typical semester
  2. Book now divided into three Parts (instead of four) – to avoid any confusion over ‘managing operations’ and ‘designing operations’.
  3. New photographic material.
  4. Redesigned artwork for Figures.
  5. Insights (case studies) updated, plus twenty four new insights – to replace ‘old’ cases – including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard (HP), Highways England, CBRE, New Balance footwear, Greene King, H&M, Sussex County Cricket Club, ING Bank and Lonely Planet.
  6. All content updated, plus new content added on the fourth industrial revolution (i4.0), cyber security, product recalls, reconfigurable factory, automation, 3D printing, robots, drones, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data and analytics, package personalisation, smart queuing, and work and employment in the gig economy
  7. New (web-based) activities in the Online Resources Centre on Google, Zappos, The Spurs new stadium, Apple, Rolex, BMW Mini, Toyota, Boston Children’s Hospital, Disneyworld, Scandinavian Airlines and Local Motors.
  8. Activities in the Online Resource Centre designed to demonstrate the relevance of Operations Management to the everyday lives of students.

It is planned to be published in December this year.

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Audit your disaster recovery plan

RockDove Solutions are crisis management consultants.  They have a good infographic here that enables an operation to audit its disaster recovery plan.  They quote a statistic that 40% of (mainly small) businesses hit by a disaster never reopen, partly because they did not have such a plan.


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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems explained

A good “tutorial” on the CIO website that explains ERP systems here.  It covers the main features of a system, how they are categorised, the reasons for implementing ERP, the perceived benefits of the system, and how it is typically implemented.   There is also a link to another page which compares the top ten “best” systems.

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Alibaba’s robots dance to the music

A few years ago I wrote a blog entitled “The robots are coming!”.  Well, here they are….

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Having trouble maintaining your social media profile? Let a robot do it for you…

CNN Tech have a story about Facebook filing for a patent on a self-balancing, telepresence robot.   Apparently it could follow you around and stream live broadcasts onto your Facebook page – to save you the bother.   Oh joy!

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How paper is made

Great video showing in detail how paper is made (not an industry I have blogged about before).  Good example of a continuous flow process.  The paper industry is confident of future growth.  This is because of the growing concern about plastic waste.  It is expected that many plastic products will be replaced by bio-degradable paper ones over the next few years.

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How the IoT and AI can turn facilities management from a bug into a butterfly

Facilities management tends to be thought of as dull, unglamorous, and a chore, whereas the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are trendy, forward-looking, and exciting.  So you might think that never the twain shall meet – but it seems this is a marriage made in heaven…

There are millions of commercial buildings around the world, and almost half are occupied by multisite businesses, such as retail chains and hotel companies.  For multisite operators these facilities cost a great deal to repair and maintain.  And often this is done locally, by contractors in separate locations.  As a result it is difficult to control maintenance costs and to assure the quality of workmanship.  Digital technology has the potential to change all of this.

Software can be used to analyse thousands of records of maintenance and repair that has been done, and AI can identify pattern in this data in order to inform facilities managers about what maintenance might be required in the future, when this should be scheduled and how this should be done to have the most beneficial impact.  The IoT and AI can also be used to monitor maintenance and repair work to ensure compliance, identify completion times, and establish best practice.  This same technology can also incorporate sensors in buildings to manage energy usage and security.

Source: Baiocchi, T. (2017) Driving operational cost savings with the Internet of Things, MIT Sloan Management Review, December 05

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i4.0 and IoT explained

This IO-Link video provides a good introduction to industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

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Everything you wanted to know about coffee but never dared to ask – almost

This report on the BBC News website has five charts that tell you everything you need to know about coffee, namely:

  1. The top 10 coffee producing countries (Brazil is No. 1 of course).
  2. Which country drinks the most (very much the Scandinavians).
  3. Who pays the most (us Brits naturally).
  4. Top five branded chains in Europe and the U.S.A. (Costa No.1 in Europe and Starbucks No. 1 in U.S.A.).
  5. Most popular coffee drinks (nearly a billion lattes sold each year).
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