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Franchisees are business people not sector specific ‘operators’

Fascinating infographic about franchising, albeit from 2013.  But that’s not the point.  The urban myth is that potential franchisees gain experience working in a specific sector and then seek a franchise opportunity in that sector, based on the knowledge and … Continue reading

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Project management: waterfall versus agile

Straightforward infographic that explains the pro and cons of the two basic approaches to project management.   Source: http://www.liquidplanner.com

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Agile innovation explained in depth plus handy infographic

Great article on Bain & Company website that explains everything you need to know about Agile Innovation.   Plus this handy infographic…

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Product Life Cycle Management infographic

A free copy of this PLCM infographic is available at the product focus.com website.

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Facebook marketing for hotels

This is a blog about operations management – not marketing.  But in services the line between these two disciplines is blurred.  This is especially so in this era of the internet, social media and disintermediation.  So I have no problem … Continue reading

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How food retailers need to change their business model in response to online distributors

Insightful infographic by Oliver Wyman here that explains how the established food real chains need to respond to new competition from online operators such as AmazonFresh.  Most of the defensive tactics are operational – reduce costs, innovate in-store, and effective pricing. … Continue reading

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Machines replacing people – big time

This tweet by McKinsey Global Institute took me to this article – “In Europe’ 5 largest economies, 54 million workers and $1.7 trillion in wages are associated with activities that could be automated”.  This infographic summarises the key areas. sector-automation

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Achieving growth through cost cutting in the banking sector

Interesting insight from Accenture into how banks should align cost cutting in their operations towards their growth strategy.

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Which country in Europe can hope to rival California’s Silicon Valley?

The answer it seems is none.    No European tech hub comes close the powerhouse that is Palo Alto.  But this article on Forbes.com provides a neat infographic that compares eight European countries with the USA based on five criteria: high … Continue reading

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Focus on the operation and reputation will look after itself 

This infographic addresses the impact that Yelp may have on business performance.  There’s some interesting data here, but the advice stinks. To get good reviews, run the operation well i.e. deliver on your order winners. Source: entrepreneur.com

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