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The Human+ Worker

Accenture argue that “all new jobs in the future” will require what they term “human+ workers” – that is to say digitally enabled workers.  Here’s their video on the subject. Advertisements

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Enterprise of the Future

This presentation in Madrid shows HPE’s CEO talking two weeks ago about the ‘enterprise of the future’ and the ‘edge’.

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Economies of scale no longer give competitive advantage

This thought provoking article by Tenaja and Maney in the Sloan Management Review argues that economies of scale are coming to an end.  This is because the technologies of i4.0 – mobile, AI, cloud computing, IoT, 3D printing – are able … Continue reading

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Sustainable techno farming

Beladon are building a floating farm in the centre of Rotterdam port, as explained in this BBC report.  The concept is that fresh milk and yogurt will supply the local residents, minimising food miles.  The prototype will start with 40 … Continue reading

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Operations Insight: Metlase’s order winners

Metlase is a mechanical engineering consultancy.  It is a joint venture between Unipart and Rolls Royce.  What is insightful is that they are very explicit about their order winners (here).  They are: speed – “reduce lead times from three months … Continue reading

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Drones of the future

If you are sceptical about drone technology and what it is capable of, then watch this Ted Talk…

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Immersive technology becoming mainstream

Immersive technology refers to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).  A recent report from the Capgemini Research Institute reveals that both these technologies are being widely adopted in the manufacturing and utilities sectors.  And that they are having a … Continue reading

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Ambulance drone

An interesting application of drone technology that makes significant improvements in performance.  Also some insight into design.

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Have a break. Have a KitKat factory tour.

This is how KitKats are made.

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You’ve heard of Ola, Jump, Ofo, Mobike and oBike – of course….

This is an interesting example of how new technology enables the business model to be modified and as a result be very much more profitable.  All of the above are operators of dockless hire bikes, in countries all around the … Continue reading

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