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Who gets what during a crisis?

One of the enduring images of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.K. was day after day, one government minister after another, defending the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for front line workers.  This was of course due to global … Continue reading

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Digital twins – an innovation game changer

In their MITSloan Management Review article, Purdy et al argue that digital twins are reinventing innovation.  To remind you, a digital twin “is a virtual replica of an object, being, or system that can be continuously updated with data from … Continue reading

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Sustainable alternatives to plastic

There a great number of startups and innovators looking at ways of replacing plastic with natural materials, which by definition are biodegradable.  Here are some examples: air peanut shells can be used as loose fill packaging instead of styrofoam. Loliware … Continue reading

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Gucci carbon neutral?

In the last few days, it has been reported that Gucci is planning to go carbon neutral.  However, if you go to their website, they claim that they have already achieved this.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to be sure which … Continue reading

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Kit Kat paper planes

You may have seen that Nestlé in Japan have replaced the plastic wrappers on Kit Kats with paper wrappers that can be used for origami (if not check it out here).  It sounds like a gimmick.  But 4 million of … Continue reading

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Sainsbury and the circular economy

Interesting interview with CEO of Sainsbury on manufacturer.com website.  He discusses their approach to corporate social responsibility and the circular economy.  At the end, the interviewer identifies “key takeaways”.  But I think he misses the most important one.  It seems … Continue reading

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Instagram now has 1 billion monthly active users.  And it has become hugely influential in determining where tourists go on holiday.  Recognising this, the industry has employed “influencers” in order to stimulate demand.  In addition, there are freelance influencers, often … Continue reading

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AI and corporate ethics

Interesting article on the LBS website by Ioannou and Baker (2019) on the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) could have on the ethical behaviour of large corporations.  In brief, they argue that AI should improve decision-making, both in terms of … Continue reading

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Three quarters of 200 richest economic entities are corporations not countries

Globaljustice.org.uk has compiled data on the revenues of corporations and countries.  In 2017, 69 of the top 100  are corporations rather than governments. With regards the top 200 entities, 157 are corporations. The top 10 corporations, including Walmart, Shell and Toyota, … Continue reading

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Using AI to detect crime – risks as well as benefits

Companies are using AI and machine learning to detect and prevent many different illicit activities: routine employee theft insider trading fraud money laundering child pornography terrorism. But there are issues associated with this, as this Oliver Wyman article explains.  Namely: … Continue reading

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