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Overview of crisis management

This video provides a good introduction to crisis management, or more especially crisis prevention.  (It is an Ian Mintoff promotional video, but the promotional component comes right at the end).

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Food crisis management

In order to ensure I do not always blog on the same topics, I occasionally check the tags to see which ones have the smallest font size (which indicates infrequent tags).   It is due to this that I came across … Continue reading

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If you think it will never happen to you, it probably will

The consulting firm Deloitte have set up a Center for Crisis Management.  It features “perspectives”, news, “insights”, analysis and a video about this topic.

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$42,200,000,000 (that’s $42.2 billion) is a lot of money…

… but it’s what BP estimates the cost of the Gulf oil spill disaster (which features as Operations Insight 13.2 on page 350).  In order to pay for this, the company is disposing of some of its assets.  For instance, … Continue reading

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Outcome of Dreamliner design fault – most interesting

As you know we have been following the Dreamliner story with some interest.  Today the BBC reports that “Boeing has admitted that it may never know what caused the battery malfunctions that resulted in all its 787 Dreamliner aircraft being … Continue reading

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