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Snact – making snacks out of ‘waste’

Snact is another example of a new company being formed to address ethical and/or environmental concerns.  They make fruit snacks from ugly and unwanted fruit that would otherwise be thrown away by British farmers, because they do not meet the … Continue reading

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Robots in the fields

Forgive the rock ‘n roll backing track – this gives a good idea of how robots are going to be used in the agricultural sector in the near future.  There will be more about the impact of robots on operations … Continue reading

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Package and product personalisation – the next step after mass customisation?

A few years back I wrote a series of blogs on the concept of mass customisation i.e. mass producing goods that are ‘individualised’ for specific consumer groups (usually) or even single consumers (in auto manufacture and computing).  This article from … Continue reading

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Food crisis management

In order to ensure I do not always blog on the same topics, I occasionally check the tags to see which ones have the smallest font size (which indicates infrequent tags).   It is due to this that I came across … Continue reading

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Genetically modified order winners

Purple tomatoes are on the way.  This is because they have been genetically modified to increase the amount of antioxidants they contain.  As the scientist who developed them explains: “With these purple tomatoes you can get the same compounds that … Continue reading

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Headline that cannot be ignored…

On the Guardian webpage today: “Plan to rear flies on industrial scale for making fish food”.  Some interesting facts that emerge from this story are: More than half of the world’s fish is now farmed. Price of fish food has … Continue reading

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Global food waste explained (with five tomatoes)

Great video…

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‘Big Food’ in South Africa

There’s a detailed analysis of the food industry, and its implications for healthy eating in this country, in this article.  Although written with concern about corporate social responsibility, from an OM perspective, it provides an interesting analysis of how the … Continue reading

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