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Category management jargon – the relevance of finger space

As I explained recently, looking at the jargon used by any group of professionals provides great insight into how they manage their operations.  So I was interested to see this glossary of terms used in category management.  Many of these terms … Continue reading

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Capacity of Old Trafford – who knows?

In chapter 7 we discuss design capacity, effective capacity and achieved capacity (page 175).  I thought about this when I heard that so far this season attendance at Manchester United’s home ground, Old Trafford, had averaged 75,101 (achieved capacity).  So … Continue reading

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Zero hours contracts

The BBC reports that a new study by the CIPD has identified that four times as many UK workers are on zero hours contracts than was thought – that’s around 1 million people.  Such contracts allow employers to schedule their … Continue reading

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