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Risk management and offshoring

This Deloitte report looks at the the risks associated with offshoring and outsourcing.  They identify the risks and how to mitigate them for each of the five stages of their “outsourcing/offshoring life cycle”: Strategic assessment – deciding on whether to … Continue reading

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Catastrophic system failure and its implications

The term ‘catastrophic system failure’ (CSF) originated in the I.T. industry, but it has now come to mean any sudden and total failure from which recovery is extremely difficult or even impossible.  The fire at Greenfell Tower this week is the … Continue reading

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Loss control in the construction industry, but applicable to all sectors

I occasionally check to see what topics and/or industry sectors I’ve not blogged about recently – just to ensure the subject matter of our book is reflected in this blog.  That is how I came across this article on loss … Continue reading

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Market intelligence on suppliers

There’s nothing more frustrating than setting up your own operations to run smoothly and efficiently, only to be let down by suppliers.  That’s why it’s the Operations Manager’s responsibility to also manage the supply chain.  This means signing procurement contracts … Continue reading

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Operations Insight: Corporate citizenship at MMC

Marsh & McLennan is a global professional services company employing 60,000 people.  It was created by merging four companies each specialising in different aspects of consulting, insurance and risk management.   Of particular interest here is its approach to corporate … Continue reading

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There are three types of risk…

Risk management is a specialist field within OM, which we discuss in chapter 13.  It applies not just to companies but to all walks of life, including governments.  Recently the OECD Council has published a set of recommendations for its … Continue reading

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