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Is risk management lagging behind digital transformation?

In Deloittte’s 2019 Survey of Risk Management (here) it is argued that “a lack of awareness of risks, of people’s roles in controlling them, and of ways to use risk data and new technologies and tools increases the challenges of … Continue reading

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A road map to i4.0

The 6 degrees Technology Group, in conjunction with manufacturer.com, have produced a “road map” with regards the implementation of an i4.0 strategy (downloadable here).  They also propose a five point checklist, as follows: Choose the right I.T. infrastructure. Implement secure … Continue reading

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Insights from.. BCI

The Business Continuity Institute has a unique feature that I have not come across before – Student Research.  This allows students to conduct surveys into business continuity issues on the BCI website.  Other associations please take note! Like other association … Continue reading

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Security on construction sites – guards or cameras or both?

VPS manufacture technologies that keep property secure.  They have an interesting white paper that looks in depth at the advantages and disadvantages of protecting construction sites with security guards versus technological solutions. Some headlines from this include insight into how … Continue reading

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Risk management? Crisis management? Business continuity management?

It seems that there is a great deal of confusion about how risk, crisis and business continuity management relate to each other.  For instance, Tony Jacques in his blog raises this issue and attempts to resolve it.  The only trouble … Continue reading

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MOU more important than HMA?

As we explain in our book, operations are not always owned and operated by the same entity.  This is especially so in the hotel industry.  For instance, 20% of European hotels are operated on a management contract basis. This article provides … Continue reading

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Leading and lagging risk indicators

In our book we discuss the concept of “leading” and “lagging” in relation to capacity (pages 192-193).  But the concept can be applied in other contexts, such as performance management or risk management – as this Prism article illustrates. To manage risk, … Continue reading

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Using AI to detect crime – risks as well as benefits

Companies are using AI and machine learning to detect and prevent many different illicit activities: routine employee theft insider trading fraud money laundering child pornography terrorism. But there are issues associated with this, as this Oliver Wyman article explains.  Namely: … Continue reading

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The factory-as-a-service

We have blogged a lot about servitisation.   The idea that products can be provided on a lease basis to customers so that after sales service becomes integral to the offer.  This “as-a-service” concept has been applied in many different … Continue reading

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Procurement, risk, digital, cost reduction, new product development….

Fascinating video from Deloitte reporting on their 2017 survey of Chief Procurement Officers.  In four minutes it manages to illustrate the complex interaction between strategy, operations and the supply chain, and the potentially central role procurement has.  To my mind, … Continue reading

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