About this blog

This blog is designed to be eclectic.  That is to say, it will pretty much feature anything that interests us, or we think will interest you – whether you are an OM student, teacher or manager – in manufacturing or service sectors such as retail, hospitality or tourism.   This is likely to include:

  • links to, or comments on, news stories in both the popular media and specialist publications.
  • news about what we are doing – in terms of teaching OM, or visiting and working with practitioners.
  • news about the book, or the accompanying online resources.
  • ‘Blog Quizzes’
  • new ‘Research Insights’
  • new ‘Operations Insights’
  • additional ‘Tutorial Activities’
  • additional ‘Operations Videos’

You can search the blog in a number of different ways to find posts on specific topics:

  • by chapter or industry sector.  These are listed in the menu on the right hand side.  There are two types of category.  These are 14 chapters in the book andten different industry sectors,  such as manufacturing, entertainment and sport, hospitality and tourism, public sector, and retail.
  • by specific topic.   Posts may also be tagged with key words or terms, such as ethics or logistics.
  • by using the search tool.  This allows you search by whatever topic you are interested in.

Above all, the blog is designed to be interactive.   We welcome your comments and questions, and will always strive to respond to these. Incidently, the banner photographs all come from the book and represent just twelve of the 80+ companies we have written case insights about.

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