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The impact of digitisation on container shipping worldwide

Fifty years ago McKinsey was commissioned by the British Transport Docks Board to write a report on containerisation and the implications this would have for that sector.  Naturally enough the report concluded that containers were a disruptive technology that would … Continue reading

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The IoT provides a data fest, but what to do with it all?

Apparently an oil rig has 30,000 sensors on it, but only 1% of these generate data that is analysed.  This is because most sensors are reporting, as frequently as every second, that the device or machinery being monitored is performing … Continue reading

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i4.0 means 14% of the global workforce will need to retrain by 2030…

…but who’s going to do it? As many as 375 million workers will need to be reskilled as a result of digitisation and automation, according to this article from the McKinsey Global Institute.  This is on the same scale of … Continue reading

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Emerging trends in internationalisation

We have long been blogging about how digitization and advanced manufacturing are transforming operations. These same factors are also influencing the way in which firms expand internationally. This has lead to the BCG Henderson Institute (2017) identifying seven emerging trends … Continue reading

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IoT in the construction and real estate sector

This article discusses the concept of ‘smart building’.  The IoT enables different types of sensors to track features such as motion, pressure, light, temperature, and people flow and hence create a vast amount of data around building operations and the environment. … Continue reading

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The digital transformation of how customers pay for things

Recent blogs have talked a lot about the digital transformation of production processes.  This blog focuses on customers and how they pay for goods and services.  Business Insider has a whole series of articles on this topic and I am … Continue reading

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Digital logistics

This article reviews the nature of digitisation in the field of logistics.  It proposes the developmental process that logistics firms will go through when adopting digitisation, as follows: Functional excellence – operations will be able to improve fulfillment processes and … Continue reading

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Made Smarter Review – is the UK ready for 4i0?

The government has just published the Made Smarter Review.  This 231 page industry-led report explores “how UK manufacturing can maximise benefits from increasing adoption of digital technology (IDT)”.  The adoption of industrial digital technology, over the next 10 years, “could … Continue reading

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How to navigate the “digital deluge”

This article from Deloitte Insights is focused on how companies in the oil and gas industry can engage in digital transformation.  But it is also of general interest for two reasons.  First, it identifies the notion of a ‘digital deluge’ … Continue reading

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Don’t get your APIs in a twist

Jargon and acronyms can be confusing – especially when there are two acronyms meaning very different things.   In the pharmaceutical industry an API is an “active pharmaceutical ingredient” – a very industry-specific piece of jargon.  But soon to become … Continue reading

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