Tyrannosaurus Rex on a bike

Cafe du Cycliste is a French company based in Nice that started out retailing cycling wear for fashion conscious consumers.  But like many companies these days it turned into something much more complex, based around life style.

Their designer cycling clothes were originally retailed through a cafe called the Cafe du Cycliste.  But demand was limited, so the founder switched to online sales, promoting the brand by sending a sample jersey to cycling journalists all over the world.  It turned out that the British and Japanese were more enthusiastic about their concept and designs than the French.  To support online sales, the company now has three concept stores – in Nice, London and Mallorca.  But in addition, it has developed a whole range of related services including its own YouTube channel featuring spectacular cycle rides; organising rides for individuals and groups; and bike hire and equipment hire.

To get a sense of what the company is all about, this video show cases one of the rides that they organise for enthusiasts (as well as revealing the whereabouts of the tyrannosaurus).




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