Overnight hotel buses

These are not buses that take you to and from a hotel.  They are coaches designed to provide a good night’s sleep whilst travelling between major cities.  There are two archetypes of this concept.

The first is Japan’s Dream Sleeper (website here).  It travels overnight between Tokyo and Osaka, taking 8 hours in all.  The coach has just 11 “rooms” each with a door to provide privacy.  Travellers have a specially designed seat that reclines to 45 degrees, along with other in-room amenities.

The second is Cabin (website here) which takes passengers overnight between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  It too has separate private compartments, but also a fully flat bed.  Having trialled the concept for a year, their second generation coaches have compartments that are 54% bigger and “bump cancelling technology” to smooth the ride for sleeping travellers.

The concept is aimed at customers who are price conscious and do not like flying.  Although much more expensive than a regular coach journey, because the customer saves on an overnight hotel stay, it can still work out cheaper than either air or rail travel.

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