Amazon’s “Shop the Future” – really? Talking tattoos – really?

On 20 July Amazon issued a press release entitled “New Shop the Future store from features innovative electronics, home, health & beauty and food & drink products destined for future fame”.  It explains that this “store” (i.e. web page) would be “full of the latest cutting-edge electronics, home, health and beauty as well as food and drink products set to become mainstay must-haves of the future”.

Well, here’s the link to that “store”.  It offers products under five main areas – lifestyle, health and wellness, home, entertainment and leisure, and food.  Click on any one of these and you too may be underwhelmed.

Of more interest, at least to me, is the link in the press release to their “Shop the Future Report”, written by two futurists – Anne Lise Kjaer and William Higham.   Albeit a brief ten pages long, the report does introduce some interesting foresight into what kind of products may become available in the very near future.  These include:

  • pet translators ie devices that are activated when a dog or cat makes a sound, translating it to tell the owner what it means
  • insect diet meals i.e. not meals for insects, but human meals from insects
  • personalised augmented reality tattoos which will be able to ‘speak’.

Can’t wait.

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