Big companies can’t have innovation without real leadership

I’ve blogged before about how most companies on their website refer in some way or another to innovation or being innovative.  That’s because all, or nearly all, CEO’s recognise that the world is changing rapidly and that their operations cannot stand still.  My blogs on this subject have then typically gone on to identify that whilst companies are good at talking about innovation, they are not so good at doing it.  So I’m not surprised by this PAConsulting article which identifies that “leaders talk the talk on innovation, [but] few of them actually embrace it”.

More interestingly, PAConsulting go on to identify how to “create the right conditions for successful innovation”.  The headlines are:

  • Identify the people who will pioneer innovation
  • Invest in an agile recruitment strategy
  • Make sure leaders encourage, inspire, and reward innovation
  • Plan for the future
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