Operations Insight: Whitbread Sustainability Report 2016/17

Whitbread PLC operates the Premier Inn hotel chain, Costa Coffee outlets, and a number of restaurant brands on nearly 5,000 sites across the U.K, employing around 50,000 people.  It is also expanding into international markets.  The company has recently released its Sustainability Report 2016/17 (PDF available here).  I am blogging about it because Whitbread is the largest hospitality company in the U.K., it is eighth on the Sunday Times ‘Best Big Companies to Work For’ list, and it’s report is a good insight into how this kind of operator addresses ethical and sustainability issues.

It has broken down sustainability into three main strategic areas – team & community, customer wellbeing, and the environment.   For each of these it has some clearly measurable targets (page 23 of Report) to be achieved by 2020.  Some examples are:

  • creating 5,000 apprenticeships
  • offering 7,500 industry work placements
  • raise £10m. for Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • reduced added sugar by 25% in all Costa drinks
  • reduced salt by 5% in all Costa sandwiches
  • reduced carbon emissions by 15%
  • reduced water use by 20%
  • increase direct operations recycling rate by 80%.
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