Quality gaps in the digital customer experience

Last week, Capgemini launched their report – ‘The Disconnected Customer: what digital customer experience leaders teach us about reconnecting with customers‘ (PDF available here).  This is based on research with 600 executives and 3,000 consumers.   It seems that this is a classic case of ‘quality gaps’, which we discuss on pages 225 to 226 of our book.  For one of the key findings is that “75% of organizations believe themselves to be customer-centric but only 30% of consumers agree to this”.  The report identifies ‘best practice’ in four main industry sectors.

Retail best practice:

  • “Ability to personalize products and services online or on mobile.
  • Using customer data to predict changes in consumer behaviour and tailor offerings.
  • Launching new IT initiatives to improve customer experience on digital channels”.

Consumer Products best practice:

  • “Ability to personalize products and services online or on mobile.
  • Providing loyalty points/incentives for customers to use digital channels.
  • Providing users control over viewing, editing and removing their personal data”.

Retail Banking best practices:

  • “Running marketing campaigns to encourage use of digital channels by customers.
  • Providing targeted offers and incentives only on digital channels.
  • Encouraging existing customers to refer new customers via digital channels”.

Utilities best practice:

  • “Improving customer experience for seamless cross-channel experience.
  • Charging extra for using physical channels such as stores or call centres.
  • Reassuring customers that online channels are secure”.
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