Work has begun on a new edition of Operations Management

We had a great meeting with our publisher Oxford University Press this week.  We are working on bringing out a new edition of the book in 2018.  This will feature a slight restructuring of the text into three main parts (not four) and a consolidation of material into 14 chapters.   There will be at least 14 new Operations Insights, and all of the remaining ones will be updated.  There is a long list of new content that will be added to reflect the fact that we are going through the fourth industrial revolution (i4.0).   There will continue to be additional materials available for both tutors and students, and most of this will be available in electronic format via OUP’s ‘dashboard’.   We are also discussing filming at least one new 30 minute video to explore the operations of a major manufacturer.  This blog will continue to support the new edition.

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