Beyond the hype of i4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution

KPMG have produced a 24 page report that seeks to separate the rhetoric from the reality of the so-called fourth industrial revolution.   It “offers a realistic perspective on the current state of i4.0 adoption and readiness across the market…. based on a series of in-depth benchmarking exercises with leading industrial manufacturers around the world”.

Here are some of the headlines:

  • “the real value of i4.0 comes not from the component technologies or capabilities but rather through the integration of automation, data, analytics, manufacturing and products in a way that delivers unique competitive advantages and unlocks new business and operating models”

    “i4.0 capabilities and technologies could be used to cut across traditional industry value chain roles and internal functional lines, simplify processes and improve productivity”.

  • “…with i4.0, relevant data based on the performance outcome being targeted is captured directly through sensors, [then] combined, analyzed and communicated with helpful visualizations to the executive suite in near real time” thereby improving decision-making.
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