It’s not just budget hotels being constructed from prefab modules

Budget hotels have been assembled from preconstructed modules for quite some time now, as have bathrooms installed into hotels.  But as this technology has become more sophisticated, more upmarket and boutique properties are being developed in this way .  For instance, all of the hotels in the CitizenM chain have been constructed using this approach. There are several advantages to modular building – as this article in Hospitality Business News explains.

  • total construction time is reduced, in one case from 30 months down to 6 months
  • on-site construction (or assembly) time is much shorter – as little as four weeks
  • waste of materials is reduced by up to 80%
  • there are fewer defects upon completion of the build due to tight quality control in the factory where the modules are made.

The article makes no mention of it, but I am fairly certain that costs are also significantly lower, even though the modules may have to be shipped from China.

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