How many product recalls in May already?

Having just blogged about service recovery, this seems like a good topic to look at!  Consumer Affairs is a consumer website in the USA that lists product recalls.  So far this month they have 18 listed for products ranging from scarves, travel trailers, herbal tea, gas fired furnaces and motorcycles.  The full list is here, along with all the recalls going back years.  It looks like this May will turn out to be a pretty average month…. Depressing.

In Europe, the European Commission publishes a weekly(!) report – the Rapid Alert System – that provides details of recalls.  Their most recent report (here) lists 33 products that have been recalled – motor vehicles, toys, clothing, and electrical equipment of various kinds.

And in the UK?  Well it isn’t so easy.  The Foods Standards Agency deals with food recalls, the DVLA with vehicle recalls, the Trading Standards with manufactured products, and the government with drug and medical equipment recalls.   Helpful.

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