Operations Insight: IMI Precision Engineering

This article on the manufacturer.com website provides insight into IMI Precision Engineering and how it has developed and implemented its lean manufacturing strategy.  One of the interesting things about this company is that it manufactures both high volume/low value components, and low volume/high value ones.  To make this possible it has embraced lean manufacturing, developed a culture of continuous improvement, and deployed an up-to-the-minute ERP system.  This enables it to coordinate the operations across a dozen separate sites, not just in the UK but globally.  As a result of this several outcomes have been achieved:

  • new product development (NPD) time has been reduced from years to a few months
  • layout redesign has released 500m2 of factory floor space so that it can be repurposed
  • pace of innovation has increased resulting in several new products being launched in 2017.
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