Operations Insight: Mulesoft’s organisational culture

This is how the people who work in Mulesoft see themselves…

It provides a great insight into their organisational culture and how it relates to the goals of the organisation.   You get to see the staff’s average age, the gender mix, their dress code, their work environment and how they speak.   It’s difficult to know if the promo was scripted or whether the employees were speaking their own words in response to a question or prompt.  But I think the latter, as it seems ‘authentic’ – people saying what they really think.

What emerges is that Mulesoft probably does not have a role culture – it’s definitely not bureaucratic.  Nor does it have a power culture – the CEO does not appear to be overly revered.   It does seem to have a task culture very much aligned to deliver its strategic goals. We discuss these different types of culture on page 299 of our book.

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