How hotels can exploit the internet of things

It is easy to think of the ‘internet of things’ as smart devices ‘talking’ to and interacting with each other.  But it’s not just that.  If one of the devices is the smart phone in the hands of a customer, then the digital environment can interact with that customer and vice versa.

In this article, Danielle Chapman explains how this could be exploited in the hotel context.    In summery it requires a deep understanding of the ‘customer journey’ through the property, and the critical points and service encounters on that journey.  By understanding a customer’s needs and behaviours at specific locations within the hotel, it is possible to trigger relevant messages to that customer designed to enhance their experience.  For instance, a guest leaving their room first thing in the morning might be advised where breakfast and/or coffee is being served in the hotel and whether or not these different service points are busy or not.  Much more detail in the article….

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