Loss control in the construction industry, but applicable to all sectors

I occasionally check to see what topics and/or industry sectors I’ve not blogged about recently – just to ensure the subject matter of our book is reflected in this blog.  That is how I came across this article on loss control in the construction industry.  And like many articles that appear to be specific to one sector, much of what it says can be applied across all operations….

First of all it focuses on one specific aspect of loss control, namely workers’ compensation claims arising from injuries on the job.  Second it proposes five main policy areas in order to minimise compensation claims:

  • management accountability and performance management
  • new-hire screening
  • new-hire and job-transfer skills assessment and orientation
  • required daily pre-job meetings
  • accident review and corrective action implementation.

I used to bang on about all of these things when teaching operations management (and now on this blog) , and all of them feature in our book.  I’ll select my ‘favourite’ snippets that the article emphasises:

  • the need to get the culture right – one that emphasises safety and safe-working
  • train managers who do the hiring in how to hire employees
  • emphasise the company’s values – especially those relating to safety – when doing the hiring
  • meet every morning before work starts
  • conduct root cause analysis when an accident occurs.

Good stuff – that every organisation might consider.

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