Operations Insight: MyDisney Experience App

Disney Theme Parks have always been at the forefront of managing queues.  They were one of the first organisations to understand the psychology of waiting lines (page 208) and implement policies designed to occupy people’s time, turn uncertain waits into known waits, ensure queues were equitable, and make people feel part of the process even before they reached the end of the line.  More recently they encouraged visitors not to join a physical queue, but a virtual one by setting up their Fast Pass.   This allowed visitors to to in effect make an appointment with regards to using the high demand rides.

Now as the above video illustrates Disney have gone even more digital by creating the MyDisney Experience App.  This enables visitors to plan and organise their visit without the need to join long queues.  Moreover Disney has also introduced their ‘magic bands’ which, worn on the wrist, enable visitors to access their hotel rooms, pay for goods and services in shops and food outlets, as well as access rides.

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