Operations Insight: Corporate citizenship at MMC

Marsh & McLennan is a global professional services company employing 60,000 people.  It was created by merging four companies each specialising in different aspects of consulting, insurance and risk management.   Of particular interest here is its approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), or as they prefer to call it corporate citizenship.

They have designed their website so that this can be understood at whatever level of depth you wish for.

  • Their Overview web page provides links to an introduction to their approach, a summary of their approach, how they rank the relevance of sustainability issues to their own organisation, and how they measure their performance against the GRI Index.  You can also build your own customised version of their Corporate Citizenship Report to print of as a PDF.
  • Their People web page identifies six arenas in which operate social responsibility, including diversity and inclusion in the workplace, supporting their workforce, and providing clients with diversity and inclusion resources.
  • Their Environment web page has nine areas of activity.  These include energy and paper use, real estate, supply chain, and food security.
  • The Community web page explains six initiatives designed to work and support the communities in which they operate.

On each of these web pages, by scrolling over the headline, a short summary is provided of what they are doing, and by clicking on the headline you are taken to a more in-depth exposition of their policies and practices.  Neat.

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