ATMs in North Korea!

North Korea has been in the headlines recently, but mainly with regard to IBMs rather than ATMs.  But this story is all about how newly installed ATMs at Pyongyang Airport do not appear to be functioning.   Now I’m not interested in the reason for this (although you can find out here) – I’m more interested in the fact that ATMs are so rare in North Korea, that they have a video screen above the terminal to explain to customers how to use them.  We have become so used to using this technology, and many other modern devices, that we tend to forget that users have to learn how they work.  And we are not very good at this, which is why poka-yoke are incorporated into them.   With devices becoming even more sophisticated, the amount of learning is considerable…

So much so that in my case I do not bother.  For instance, I recently bough a second hand car (so it’s not ultra up-to-date) with a touchscreen interface for the in-car entertainment system, satnav, and etc.  The instruction manual for this is 187 pages long….  You’ve got to be kidding me.   I’ve found out how to turn the radio on and off, change the volume and stations, and that’s all I need to know.  (Quite what this has to do with ATMs in North Korea I do not know, but I feel better for writing it!).

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