Package and product personalisation – the next step after mass customisation?

A few years back I wrote a series of blogs on the concept of mass customisation i.e. mass producing goods that are ‘individualised’ for specific consumer groups (usually) or even single consumers (in auto manufacture and computing).  This article from briefly reviews this concept as it hs been applied to the food manufacturing industry, before going on to look at a more recent concept – ‘package personalisation‘.   In this case, packaged products are specifically personalised for individuals, through consumers being able to label their own jars or packs of food products.

Now food companies are moving from personalising the exterior of their products to modifying the product itself, in response to individual customer requirements – so-called ‘product personalisation‘.  The example that they provide that best explains this is a new company called Habit.  As Habit’s website explains they produce meals made up of dishes made specifically in response to a detailed assessment of an individual’s dietary needs.

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