Eco hotels brand development and growth strategy

Eco Hotels is a newly formed hotel chain originating in India.  They currently have 3 The Eco properties and 3 Ecolodge properties.  From an operations perspective they have three interesting aspects.

First, as their name suggests, they claim to be “the world’s first carbon neutral hotel brand”.  Exactly how they will achieve this is not entirely clear.  But they do say that they will ask their customers to commit to this concept in a variety of way – less use of water and energy, and less routine laundry changing.

Second, they are setting up  what it believes to be India’s first ‘full fit-out’ steel modular buildings factory in Indapur, near Pune.   This will produce 2,000 modular bedrooms per year, enabling the rapid growth of 20 hotels a year.

Third, their internationalisation strategy is to focus on the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China.  They believe that there will be less competition from other hotel brands in these countries, and that demand is currently much greater than supply.

For more information check out their website.

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