National Trust – five years on

The National Trust is an interesting operation, or rather set of operations, to blog about.  It faces various challenges not typically found in commercial businesses.

  • It relies very heavily on membership and donations to help support its work, although it is increasingly generating revenue from its attractions, retail outlets, and catering facilities.
  • A very high proportion of its ‘workforce’ are unpaid volunteers.
  • By definition, it’s physical infrastructure is old and cannot be modernised very easily, if at all.
  • It employs an extremely diverse workforce in terms of skills and expertise.

This is perhaps best illustrated by looking at the key performance indicators (KPIs) it now uses to measure its success.  These are grouped into four main areas:

  • “Looking after what we have got” i.e. their physical infrastructure
  • “Creating experiences of our places that move, teach and inspire” is customer satisfaction
  • “Growing our support” i.e. membership
  • “Resources and skills” i.e. profitability and staff satisfaction

The last three years performance can be found here.  It generally shows an organisational performance improving year on year in all its key areas.

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