Co-creation? Well it all depends…

In our book, we have a section on ‘prosumption’ (pages 212-214).  This we define as “a model of consumer purchase and usage of a product or service that involves the consumer in its production or delivery”.   Often this is also described as ‘co-creation’.  I’ve not blogged about this very much, so I was interested to see Neghina et al’s article in the recent Journal of Service Management (28:1)“Consumer motives and willingness to cocreate in professional and generic services”.

The research investigates the consumer’s motivation and willingness to participate in the co-creation process, and how this affected by the nature of the service they are purchasing.   What they find is that behaviour and motives vary from one service context to another, and hence there is no single model of the co-creation phenomenon.

Well, we kind of knew that when we wrote our book five years ago.  Because as we demonstrated in Table 8.1, consumers can adopt four different roles in the co-creation process – ‘investor’, ‘engineer’, ‘broker’ and ‘auditor’.  So it’s not surprising that Neghina et al found no single model of this process.  Nonetheless their research explores in much more detail the behavioural aspects of consumers than we discuss in our book, so it’s well worth a read if this is of interest to you.

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