Fusion? A joint China, EU, India, Korea, Russia and United States project

It is not often that you hear about all these countries collaborating together on a single project.  But for the last ten years that is what they have been doing.  And it is planned to continue for another 25 years – unless political events intervene to stop it (you know who I’m talking about).

So what brings all these countries together and what takes so long to achieve?  Fusion power.  Just in case you did not already know, the first ever such power station is being constructed in southern France.  And if the political uncertainty over funding was not enough, no one is really sure if it will work!   To find out more about the ITER project visit their website.

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One Response to Fusion? A joint China, EU, India, Korea, Russia and United States project

  1. Great post, this is a fascinating project for so many reasons. I was fortunate to attend a site visit to JET with the IET a few years ago where they spoke about ITER and the fusion plant that will come after it. One aspect I found interesting was around support and maintenance – in ITER the inside of the tokomac reactor will be completely sealed off to human access, so any maintenance that needs to occur has to be undertaken by two robotic arms hitch extend inside. To become commercially viable as a power source, the reactor will have to run with high availability (i.e. minimal down time so that power output is constant and consistent) so new materials are being developed to withstand the fusion environment and maintenance tasks designed to be as fast as possible. No doubt lots of six sigma root cause analysis has gone into the planning of these projects!


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