Envision’s ‘pop-up’ assembly plants

In this video, Envision talk about their concept of the “pop-up assembly plant”.    Their design and innovation centre is in Denmark, but they decided to set up their main manufacturing plant in China.  However, this should only produces component parts for their wind turbines.  For them, it was important that final assembly was done close to the customer.  Hence their idea of “pop-up plants”, which simply comprise four walls, a large concrete floor and heavy lifting cranes.  In the video, they emphasise that this enables three key things.  First, the customer is able to visit the plant to see how they go about building the turbines.  Second, it “embeds” their operation in the local community so that they get buy in for their product.  Finally, it allows them to respond to demand in any market around the world.  However, it also seems likely that it is cheaper and easier to ship the components from China, rather than the finished product.

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