‘Micro-footprinting’ Habitat

Nearly twenty years ago I identified five key trends affecting hospitality operations (Jones 1999).  One of these was micro-footprinting – “…operations are being designed much smaller, so that they can be located in ‘host environments’…[so that] smaller units can be located in cinemas, supermarkets and petrol stations”. This trend is ongoing (and we really should have mentioned when we talk about Trends in Operations Design on page 101 of our book).

The latest example I’ve come across is Habitat, as this article in The Grocer explains.  Their small format stores will typically comprise 2,000 sq. ft. and stock 600 out of Habitat’s 4,500 product range.  Customers will be able to order the non-stock items via display screens and in-store iPads.

This is all part of the chain’s ubiquitisation strategy.   If you’re not sure what this is, click on the tag below and read a series of blogs that I posted on this back in August 2014.

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