Kids in Museums

I came across this Kids in Museums Manifesto and it got me thinking about order winners.   And in particular do children have different OWs to their parents or grandparents?  (Just to remind you OWs are how operations contribute to winning customers on five criteria – cost, quality, flexibility, dependability and speed).

The Manifesto lists 20 things to “make a visit family friendly”.  What emerges from this is that flexibility and dependability are the key OWs in this regard.  Indeed, no. 9 on the list is “Be flexible….”; but nos. 13 through to 17 also relate to this OW.  Dependability relates to several of the other  Manifesto requests – nos. 7, 18, and 19 for instance.  And, of course some requests do not directly relate to operations, but to how museums should market themselves.

But I’ve not actually answered the question I started with, namely are these children’s OWs or their parents?    Some will argue that the Manifesto is what parents think their children want, and since it is parents that make the decision whether to visit a museum or not that’s all well and good.  I’m not so sure about this.  I tried to find out if the Manifesto was based on asking children what they wanted from  a museum, but could not find this out.   Looking at the list I suspect that very few of the requests would be articulated by children, except nos. 13 and 14.  As to whether or not it’s parents that are the decision-maker, as a parent myself and now a grandparent, I am absolutely clear that it is the children who decide whether to go or not.   No adult drags a reluctant youngster to a venue they do not want to go to…. not if they have got any sense.

By the way there is website too .

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