The beauty of 3D printing

This small story about biologist Adele Bakhtiarova setting up a company called Voir Creations to 3D print customised eyelash curlers caught my eye.  It illustrates a number of interesting points…

1.  Entrepreneurs often emerge due to an obsession they have with a particular product or service.

2.  Despite having no product specific technical or commercial skills, this obsession drives them to acquire the expertise they need.  In Adele’s case she learned how to design using CAD, 3D print prototypes and develop an app.

3.  3D printing is greatly facilitating the development of prototypes.

4.  Crowd sourcing websites are enabling such start-ups to develop their market at the same time as they secure the financial resources they need.  Adele is raising $30,000 on Kickstarter.

5.  Everything (it seems) can be customised – even (or especially) eyelash curlers.

6.  Smart phones and apps greatly facilitiate customisation.

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