The attack of the coffee pods

I’m not a great coffee drinker, but we do have a Nespresso machine at home.  It provides two things – a tasty cup of coffee for me and variety for our visitors, so they can have a cup of coffee that is to their taste too.  Used pods seem to accumulate fairly quickly, but since Nespresso have a collection service I have always assumed that all coffee pods were recycled.  Indeed this is how the recycling process works, according to the Nespresso USA website.

Hence I was slightly confused by this article that identifies used coffee pods as being an environmental menace, leading to the production of YouTube video called “Kill the K-cup” and a Twitter hashtag ≠KillTheKCup.  But it seems that this type of pod is not recycled because, unlike the Nespresso pod which is made from aluminium, the k-cup pod is made from ≠7 plastic that requires specialist facilities to recycle it.   In 2014 9 billion K-cup pods were sold – which is an awful lot of landfill.  Keurig, the company that makes the product, is trying to address this issue but says it will be 2020 before it is resolved.  It will be interesting to see if public opinion accelerates this process.

So I guess you want to see the video now…


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