Google Glass – what went wrong?

I’ve blogged about Google Glass and speculated how operations might be changed by this new technology.  But it seems this not going to happen.  Google have withdrawn the product from the market.  What’s going on?  Well, according to this New York Times article it seems the product was launched long before many of the bugs were ironed out.  And it reads like something out of an American TV soap opera.

From an OM perspective it provides an insight into the penultimate stage of the innovation process (see page 312) – launching the new product.  In the case of Google Glass the decision to release the product to so-called Glass Explorers was taken too early.  Some of the stages in the innovation process that should precede launch, such as testing and marketing were missed out or conducted poorly.   The launch also generated so much hype, that claims made about the product and its capabilities were excessive.  And even engineers working on product development could not agree as to whether or not the Glass should be worn for performing a specific function or activity, or be worn as an everyday fashion item.  So it ended up performing neither of these things well.

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