Occupations that are projected to decline

CareerCast analyses data produced by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and identifies the 10 occupations that are declining in  numbers most rapidly (see their web page here).  Their list is interesting because the reasons for their decline are not always  obvious.  But before we discuss this, the 10 occupations are;

  1. Postie (22% decline by 2022)
  2. Farmer
  3. Meter reader
  4. Newspaper reporter
  5. Travel agent
  6. Lumberjack
  7. Flight attendant
  8. Drill-press operator
  9. Printing worker
  10. Tax examiner and collector (hooray!).

Now the two most obvious reasons for this might be those things we have previously blogged about – automation and ecommerce.  Whilst this is having an effect, one of the common threads between many of these jobs is paper.  This material is being used less and less as consumers switch to buying things online, paying their tax online, getting their news online and communicating with each other online.  This largely explains the decline in occupations 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10.  And automation largely explains the decline in occupations 2, 3 and 8.   But I have to admit I am flummoxed by why there is a projected decline in the number of flight attendants, especially as passenger numbers are expected to continue growing.  Anyone out there have an answer?

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