Operations Insight: Turkish Airlines inflight service for Business Class

As the world’s first and only professor of travel catering, endowed by the International Travel Catering Association, I still take an interest in this sector – even though it’s nearly five years since I served in this role.  Throughout my time as the ITCA Chair, the Austrian-based flight caterer DO&CO were particularly supportive.   So I was interested to see this video about how Turkish Airlines train their onboard chefs – since DO&CO are this airline’s caterers.  As well as the training insight, the video also takes you back-of-house to their flight kitchen. [By the way, it would be easy from this to think that inflight “catering” is all about food production.  It’s not.  Operators themselves say it’s 80% logistics and 20% catering.  Which is why DHL set up a flight catering unit at Heathrow a few years ago].

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