2020 – societal drivers of change

Demographic and economic drivers of changes are accompanied by changes in people’s expectations and how they live their lives (explained here on DUP’s interactive website).  Deloitte identify seven such drivers.

  1. No more privacy – consumers will become much more open and transparent with regards their expectations and behaviours as they engage with the digital world – prepared to give up their privacy in exchange for the benefits this brings.
  2. Reducing corruption – in many developing countries (and some developed ones) there is rampant corruption.  The digitisation of many transactions, both commercial and governmental, makes this more difficult, especially when supported by a growing consumer and elector activism.
  3. Socially conscious consumerism – a growth in “mindful consumption”.
  4. “Expanding human potential” – developments in a number of different fields ( such as healthcare, nanotechnology, education, neuroscience) and innovative interfaces between these, mean that human potential may be increased in a number of ways (longevity, IQ, learning).
  5. Disparity in level of digital connectivity – the young, urban, middle classes will be highly connected to the digital world, whereas the old, rural and/or poor may not be connected at all.
  6. Empowered consumers – socially-conscious, connected consumers can have a greater influence over public policy and commercial behaviour.
  7. The digital ‘dark side’ – there are some downsides of digitisation – loss of privacy, cybercrime, and breaches of security.
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