What is 2020 going to be like for operators? Drivers and trends over the next six years

Deloitte University Press have developed an interactive website called “Explore the Future of Government in 2020“.  This seeks to identify what government will be like in 2020.  It does this by identifying the drivers of change, and the shifts that are likely to take place in response to these drivers.  To give you some idea of how complex this is, there are 39 drivers of change, split into six areas; and 194 (!) trends spread across eight government domains.  As well as web pages devoted to each driver and each trend, there are two videos – one about the drivers and the other about trends, and three infographics….

….which means that all of this is way too big to discuss in one blog.  Hence I am going to devote the coming week to exploring these drivers and trends from an operations management perspective.  I’m not so much interested in how government will shift, as to how manufacturers and service providers may have to do so.   Almost certainly most, if not all, of the drivers will impact on them directly, whilst changes in government policy and action is likely to have an indirect impact on operators.

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