How to get the best out of seasonal workers

With the festive season upon us, it is worth reflecting on how operators should go about recruiting and managing any extra staff they hire to cope with the increased demand.  One sector that has always relied on seasonal workers is the restaurant industry, so interesting to see that QSR Magazine has published an article on the topic.

It seems to me that the best way to think about this is not to think of seasonal workers as being temporary, but as permanent staff.  First, they have to be inducted and trained to perform the job as well as full-time employees, so the operation’s investment in them is the same.  Second, having trained them, even if they leave at the end of their short term employment contract, they become a pool of potential seasonal employees in the future – especially since seasonal workers are often students working during their holidays.  So retaining the same seasonal workers, rather than train new ones each year is sound practice.  Third, from this pool of retained seasonal workers, the operation has the opportunity to cherry pick the brightest and the best and offer them full-time employment.

Loria, in his QSR article, says basically the same thing, but has a few more specific suggestions relevant to the QSR sector.


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