Greene King – their operations strategy, business model and organisational form

I have a certain nostalgia for Greene King, the brewing and pub company based in Bury St Edmunds, where I was born and brought up.  Many’s the Summer evening I spent sitting outside one of their establishments, sipping a Vimto, after a family day out to the coast.  So it is heart warming to see the company thriving, in an industry sector that has suffered some ups and downs in recent years.  Their Annual Report 2014 shows consistent growth in revenues and profits over the last five years.

But their report also provides an insight into how they manage their strategy and operations, demonstrating how this company integrates some of the concepts discussed in our book – as follows:

  • Business model (page 372) – Greene King explains its business model here.
  • Organisational form (page 7) – Greene King has three divisions – Retail, Pub Partners, and Brewing & Brands – each of which has its key performance indicators (here).
  • Operations strategy (page 367) – the annual report reviews the operations strategy and performance of its three divisions here.

It provides further insight into the idea that within a single company there may be more than one operations strategy, depending on the variety of operations within their business.  In Greene King’s case they have a a retail chain (their own directly managed pubs and restaurant), they manage a franchise system, and they brew and distribute beer.

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