Should companies be recruiting people or organising work based on their individual body clocks?

I have to declare a personal bias here.  My wife and I have been living with the fact that I am a type A and she is a type B for the last 37 years…

A somewhat lighthearted look, apparently supported by chronobiological research, at how our body clocks affect work performance.  People break down into two groups – the As who wake early and work most effectively first thing in the morning, and the Bs who don’t.  The article makes the case for two things – first changing the school day, so that children learn more effectively.  And second, for reorganising the working day, so that employees are more productive.

I was most interested in the latter idea, since many years ago I used to work shifts.  The normal pattern was 07.00 to 15.00 one day and 15.00 to 23.00 the next, and so on.  If the research quoted in the article is correct, this would make no sense.  Instead employ As for the morning shift and Bs for the later one.

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