Proposed changes to second edition of ‘Operations Management’

OUP have received back most of the reviews concerning the proposed changes to the second edition of our book.  These have been very positive, so we are going to start work on it straight away.  For those of you interested, the main  changes will be:

  1. Fewer chapters (from 17 down to 13) in order to ‘fit’ within typical semester.
  2. Book now divided into three Parts (instead of four) – to avoid confusion over ‘managing operations’ and ‘designing operations’.
  3. Eleven new operations insights (case studies) proposed – to replace ‘old’ cases based on secondary data. (Any reader that can suggest a good operation to look at in order to illustrate a specific concept covered in the book should contact me –
  4. All content updated, plus new content added on product recalls, factory of the future, information processing technology, automation, 3D printing, and product life cycle management.
  5. Number of pages to remain the same.
  6. Improved diagrams.
  7. Simplification of the use of colour to identify book and chapter sections.


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