Trends that will revolutionise the retail industry

This headline comes from a short article by Babs Ryan, who “oversees creating differentiating value propositions for brands, using lean enterprise continuous delivery for in-market releases”.  (Is it me, but isn’t this just a random sequence of buzzwords?).

Despite my weary cynicism, Ryan has some interesting ideas about the kinds of thing we are likely to see in retail operations over the next ten years.  These include:

  • customers not talking machines on the telephone, but talking and seeing human representatives on Skype or similar software packages
  • more pop ups to keep the excitement up
  • more diversification of the offer in store, with cafes, bars, ‘classrooms’, and so on
  • stores being even more experiential
  • more products being rented rather than bought – not just clothes but furniture and homeware
  • ‘home delivery’ via 3D printing
  • truly virtual stores
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