Operations Insight: How to reply to a critical online review?

Every now and again (with more and more frequency) examples of complaint letters, online reviews and operator responses appear in the media.  I like this recent example.  I’ll let you make you own mind up with regards whether or not the restaurant was wise to  respond in the way it did.

But I’m very clear.  When I ran my own restaurant it was designed and aimed at a very specific market segment.  Sometimes customers would come in who (a) did not fit that segment, and (b) had come to the restaurant to deliberately mock the concept (I was serving ‘British cuisine” in Brussels – something that some Belgians in the 1970s thought was ridiculous).  On these occasions, if the behaviour became unacceptable, I would simply ask the customers to leave and not charge them for any food.   In other words I would kick them out.  My restaurant – my rules.

So with regards to the example to which I have posted a link?  Simple.  Dumb-ass lawyers wanting take out food from an eat-in restaurant.  Go away (politely).

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