Coming to an air space near you? Flying pizzas, paparazzi and train robbers!

We’re a fan of Domino’s Pizza UK.  After all, this operator is the end of chapter 1 case study and is one of the four companies that feature on the videos that accompany our book.  But we take with a pinch of salt their idea that one day pizza might be delivered by drone – by their ‘domicopter’.

I’ve some recent experience of what drones can do, as my son’s wedding reception in the walled garden at Cowdrey Park was filmed by a drone.  Talking to the operator, it is clear they are a very clever technology, providing very precise control over their position, using simple controls.  And if they stray too far, they either automatically return to their point of origin, or safely land themselves.  But they have limitations.  By law in the UK, the operator has to have line of sight of the drone to be able to control it, limiting greatly its range.   In the video, a camera mounted on the drone makes it possible to fly further, but it’s not legal nor a very safe way of flying it.  This is because there is potentially a lot of things that can get in the way – trees, buildings, pylons, wires, telegraph poles, telecoms towers, and so on.  Another problem is, even if it can flown to the customer, drones have very fast rotating blades on each corner.   It takes a skilled person to go anywhere near one, and even more skill to remove a package from underneath.  And one last thing – most pizza is ordered after dark.  So the domicopter is not going into service in the near future.

However drones are being used successfully in all kinds of operations, as our previous blogs have demonstrated.  Indeed a report was released today that looks at the security implications of their increased use in the skies of the UK.  The report concludes that this innovative technology could be exploited in all kinds of ways, but recommends that tighter regulations be introduced to ensure their safe use.  Especially since they could be used for nefarious purposes by paparazzi, train robbers, poachers and terrorists.

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