Heathrow airport – Helpers on trial, but food to go is here to stay

Having recently blogged about the major role that airports play in any traveller’s experience, it is interesting to see that Heathrow has recently announced two new initiatives.

The first press release explains that this airport is the first in the world to enable passengers to take on board a ‘picnic’ from every one their food and beverage outlets. There are 118 different outlets, each of whom has put together a food to go package.  The rationale for this is two fold.  First, passengers want flexibility with regards the time they eat – so rather than wait until they are served by cabin crew, they take their own food onboard.  Second, the perceived quality of airline food is low, especially with regards choice.   With so many different food outlets to select from, passengers can buy exactly the kind of meal they want before they fly.

The second press release announces a trial of so-called ‘Heathrow Helpers’.   This team of customer service personnel are there to assist travellers with any kind of request they may have, but especially non-routine demands that would disrupt the normal flow through the terminals.

Heathrow Terminal 5 features as an operations insight on pages 206-207 of our book.

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